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LED Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit for Digital or Video


Manufacturer: Micansu

Product Information

An LED continuous lighting kit with built in softboxes silver inside with a removable white translucent outer and is 70 x 50cm.
The softboxes go up like umbrellas so are quick and easy to use also included is a choice of 2 lights stands, they are mains operated 180v-240v has a UK 13amp plud with 2.8 metre lead.

The Price is for the kit but you need to choose Micansu LED bulbs.

Our bulbs are all daylight balanced with a colour temperature of  5500 k with a CRI of 90 and have a small fan to disipate heat.

25 Watt LED Bulb

Luminous Flux 2500

1 metre away ISO 320 f4 50th second (one softbox).

Can be used for video or product photography where the is longer exposure and the camera is set on a tripod.

45 Watt LED Bulb

Luminous Flux 4500

1 metre away ISO 200 f5 50th Second (one softbox).

More versatility for video and can be used hand held for portraits as you can up your ISO or reduce aperture to get a faster shutter speed.


2 light stands come with the kit these are product code LS1680 this is 54cm when packed down and will go up to 2 metres high. With these stands this will fit into the medium bag.

There is a choice of 3 metre aircushion stands LS2750.

2 x softboxes 70 x 50cm
2 x LED bulbs choice of 25w or 45w
2 x light stands Choice of sizes


Product Code: LEDSOFT50


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